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There are many ways to go from Tuscany to Sardinia. The cheapest for sure is the plane: from Pisa you can fly to Cagliari and Alghero with Ryanair and rent a car in Sardinia with

There are also flights form Pisa to Olbia which usually take one hour (Olbia is located in the east side of the island).

After finding your flight to Sardinia you can go on and organize your trip to Sardinia. In addition to the flight you need to book a car, a hotel room in Cagliari, Alghero or Olbia and also a tour guide of these cities to explore the towns and the amazing surroundings.

It often happens to be undecided about the destinations of your travels but in this case it should not be a problem; you can leave for Sardinia, choose one of the main cities like Olbia, Alghero or Cagliari and then wandering around with a rented car.

A second and viable option to go from Tuscany to Sardinia is the ferry as the distance between Tuscany and Sardinia is 413 km.

During the summer there is the possibility of buying a ticket to a speed boat that takes you to Sardinia in 5 hours; on the other hand the boats (known as “traghetti”) take an average of 8 hours to reach Sardinia from Tuscany and leave at night.

ferry sardinia tuscany

There are two options if you decide to travel to Sardinia by ferry from Tuscany: leaving from the Livorno port to destination Olbia or to destination Golfo Aranci.

There are two companies that operates the Livorno – Olbia route: Grimaldi Lines and Moby Lines.
With Grimaldi Lines it takes you respectively 8 hours (during the day) from Livorno to Olbia and
9 hours at night.

With Moby Lines the night trip is about 7/9 hours, while the daytime trip is slightly shorter (from 6 and a half to 8 hours).

The Livorno – Golfo Aranci route is carried out by the ferry company Sardinia Ferries. The journey time to reach the Gulf from Livorno is 6 and a half hours for the day trip and about 11 hours for the night trip.

To summarize, it’s more convenient (in terms of time) to use the plane to reach the capital of Sardinia, Cagliari, and land at the Cagliari-Elmas airport, four miles from the town center.

AirItaly is the company that offers the most flights, including direct connections from major Italian towns. Alitalia has a number of daily flights which take about 40 minutes from Rome.