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Last year I was in Tuscany and since I have found very little information regarding driving in Tuscany, I will provide a brief description of my trip.
The car was rented in Firenze and returned at the Pisa airport. (Check the site for more information). It was a small automatic, that was not easy to get online. The automatics online are usually mostly larger cars and much more expensive.

Cars and buses

Our lodgings for another 2 nights in a resort in a little town Monteriggioni, near Siena, and from now there explore the others of Tuscany. Vineyards was one the items on the itinerary and in addition some of the towns. Needless to say, buses goes to the majority of the towns and you can find organised tour of vineyards. But what enjoyable would it not be to get on the road get there and not in a position to fully benefit from the beautiful countryside Tuscany provides.

“Autostrade” and normal roads

From Firenze, rather than the Autostrade ( which is the big highway, take the S222 road. Since its only a short distance between Firenze and Siena. Why hurry between then and skip the countryside, invest some time relax and revel in the scenery. S222 is really an one lane winding street but its not just a difficult drive.

You go through little towns where one can stop for a bite and in addition take some pictures and revel in the small Tuscan towns, the stunning homes and rolling hills. To take the worry out of navigating, get yourself a GPS so that you can still take some spontaneous side trips rather than get too lost. Along the way down, we visited a few vineyards. There are lots around so that you can pick one which you prefer.

From Siena southwards its even more countryside, and you can take the S223 or SR2 which will be the main highways. But because the countryside tend to be more of a the rolling hills kind, they still give excellent sights. Of course you can find other smaller winding roads around. Based on where you are going, I really believe you can find one particular easy.

Most of the popular towns may also be reachable via numerous roads. Since Tuscany isn’t that big, I would certainly steer clear of the big 3 lanes highways and take the even more scenic routes like SR2. Therefore certainly finish off a GPS and explore.

Trick of the handbag is avoid the orange colour or darker roads(reddish) on Search engines maps which indicate its a significant highway. You will discover many jewels not as popular and make it a particular trip.